Ernestomeda Obliqua Collection

Balanced, Poised, Oblique

Named after the distinctive oblique shaping of its doors and tops. Obliqua is a kitchen with a well-balanced yet strongly characterful image. It combines simple forms, patterns and materials.

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Stand out qualities of the Ernestomeda Obliqua collection.

Slanted Grooved Strip

The Oblique’s distinguishing feature is the unusual shaping of its doors, which give the kitchen a strong personality.

Dialogue Table

The inclusion of a table integrated into the kitchen gives dynamism to the space enabling fascinating interplays of colours and materials.

Working Alcove

A striking picture. The symmetrical interplay of the tall units that frame the working alcove housing the washing zone.


An attractive snack top, enabling the kitchen to be used for entertaining or simply adding a snack counter to the worktop.

Order Shelf

The order shelf is an elegant solution that adds an industrial style to the kitchen. Style and function make this a high-impact feature.

All Round Groove

The distinctive oblique shaping of the groove strip is very striking in island kitchens, as the strip can be designed to completely surround the working zone.

Pocket Door Cupboard ↓

The pocket door all-in-one cupboard houses everything you need for when you want the world to see and for when you don’t.

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