Stosa kitchens are designed to make life better by furnishing space with high-design, top-quality products. Stosa’s vast range of classic and modern kitchens is sure to satisfy your needs and make your home more welcoming and personal.

Beautiful kitchens in real wood.


Natural kitchens feature oak batten doors that express the authenticity of real wood in five nuances, chosen to reflect the tastes of modern life. The collection combines the fascination of natural wood with impressive modularity achieved by continuous research and development. Taller and deeper kitchen elements now offer greater than ever storage capacity.


Noble, traditional wood has found a new, contemporary form of expression in Newport kitchens. Door frames with hidden handles typify the sophisticated personality of this model. Newport kitchens are designed and made for a global public and freely interpret international tastes.

Stosa Newport kitchens.


Aliant is the result of combining two design systems: the Look System with its 75 cm modules and the Evolution System with its larger capacity base cabinets, drawers, tall units and wall units, double shelves, flush-fitting worktops and precious interiors. Aliant kitchens can be configured with a choice of doors and other elements to create unique solutions. This highly innovative collection also features a vast range of accessories for all needs.

The perfect kitchen for refined tastes.

The modern kitchen with infinite choice.


The versatile Infinity range is the perfect choice for a dynamic and creative kitchen in which everything is possible. This unmistakable collection spans Nordic-inspired designs, metropolitan compositions and finishes from typical wood grain to high-tech materials like Fenix and ecological alternatives like PET. Infinity lets you customise your kitchen to match your stylistic preferences and functional needs.