Living Area

Living rooms are designed to meet various space requirements, and to suit personal tastes and preferences. The living-room collections by Ikona, Homy and Pratico furnish the living room in an innovative, functional way. They offer a variety of colours, finishes, and design details ranging from asymmetric cuts on the doors to LED lights, as well as spacious units featuring practical openings. Living rooms by Santalucia Mobili give your house the edge.


Ikona Living: Innova

For a house that follows trends and design with innovative technical solutions.

comp. KV001

Lines intersect and a wide range of colours and finishes combine to create a space with functional appeal.

comp. KV002

An innovative living room design that starts with a line. The visuals were developed around the concept of geometric elegance.

comp. KV003

Everyday objects find their place in open compartments in delicate shades, or in closed units in textures inspired by nature.

Ikona Living: Dandy

For a house that follows trends and design with innovative technical solutions.

comp. KD001

A simple yet refined living-room design, combining modular and open units to create a unique, personal composition.

comp. KD002

Different colours and textures are combined together in these open compartments and wall units, creating a truly original living room.

comp. KD003

A linear living room, available in many finishes and colours, where seemingly ordinary features create an extraordinary look.

Homy Living: Integra

For those who prefer the concreteness of the product in furnishing spaces, without sacrificing style.

comp. GS117

This bookcase features simple elements such as open compartments, closed units with a mixture of colours and finishes.

comp. GS118

A modular living room with a wall-mounted base unit and central open compartment, available in different colours.

comp. GS119

A Nordic-inspired living room with simple lines, where wood shades combine with different colours gives your space a stylish look.

Pratico Living

For those who furnish by combining tastes and needs at affordable prices.

comp. PTG316

A living room where variety is achieved, not only with different modules and units, but also through a combination of finishes and original geometries.

comp. PTG318

Oblique cuts, a contrast between empty and full spaces and combinations of finishes ensure a living area that is dynamic and creative.

comp. PTG320

The oblique-cut doors are the distinguishing feature of a composition with a linear, yet eye-catching structure. Its modern style gives your space a great ambience.

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Living area furniture with a wide range of Santalucia styles to choose from.