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Along with a cheery greeting from Charlie dog, here’s what you can expect from our 5-star rated kitchen design and installation service.

01. Showroom Visit

To begin, we invite all our clients to the showroom. Sprawl around our double-tiered showroom and get personal with our 8 fully functioning displays and copious functional appliances. You’ll get an immediate comprehension of Italian quality.

02. Initial Consultation

In the studio, Amanda will sit down with you and have an initial design consultation. In this discussion, we take a detailed brief to understand your tastes, preferences and how you intend to use the space.

To help us understand your style, you may opt to bring images to show us. We can also share ideas, samples and photos to help guide the discussion.

“I knew Amanda would do a great job from first walking into her showroom! You can tell that she loves her job and takes both design and practicality really seriously.”

Katie Osborne

03. Hand-drawn Design

Once we’ve got a deep understanding from the initial design chat, Amanda will create an initial hand-drawn design. By doing so, we’ll be able to get an initial visulisation of your space and how everything will work.

04. Design Development

Based on the detailed brief and hand-drawings, Amanda will create a virtual 3D render of your design. Amanda has won numerous prestigious awards for her designs, so be prepared to be wowed!

“Having visited a number of kitchen supplier/designers, drawing up plans devised by ourselves, it was refreshing to meet with Amanda and the team at icon kitchen studio. Amanda constructively challenged our original design with her experience, knowledge and design expertise producing an end product that is beyond our expectations and imagination.”

Kerry Simmons

05. Design Presentation

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Amanda will invite you back into the studio to unveil a concept design to you.

You may fall in love with the design immediately, or you may have tweaks and changes. Amanda will make as many changes as you’d like- we want perfection!

06. The Go Ahead

Once you’re happy, our team of fitters, electricians and plumbers will install your kitchen to a high standard. Or we can liaise and work closely with the people you’ve chosen. Amanda will be in contact throughout the whole process.

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