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Teactile And Aesthetic

Icon is made with finishes capable of delivering a greater overall sense of comfort and ensuring that the kitchen’s appeal is tactile as well as aesthetic.

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Stand out qualities of the Ernestomeda Icon collection.


The sliding peninsula can become a snacktop in closed version, or a dining table when open.

Air Door

A technology able to improve the kitchen’s performance in the conservation of items and foods inside units.

Flex Wall Unit

The opening movement combines a initial vertical slide followed by rotation, giving access to the whole of the wall unit’s interior.

Organiser Unit

A minimalist solution of fine design that gives the kitchen extreme functionality and elegance.

Indoor Cupboard

Contemporary and refined, it is equipped with many internal fittings: pull-out table and drawer, steel shelves, aluminium/glass shelves, bottle rack and glass rack.

Wine Cupboard

The particularly exquisite, customised interiors make this an elegant item, capable of providing continuity between the kitchen and living area.

Seuqel Washing Zone ↓

It gives uniformity to the kitchen, designed to confer continuity on the entire area and completely constructed in the same material as the worktop.

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