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Quality Italian-made living room furniture.

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With over 20 years of designing living rooms, Orme & Santalucia have become the brands that we trust for quality, thought and style. Our Italian designer lounges exude all the same great qualities that our kitchens do.

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Turn the neighbours green with envy.

Made in Italy

Italianness has always been revered as an attribute of beauty, from Michael Angelo to Enzo Ferrari. It’s no surprise that Italian furniture portrays beauty and style so easily.

Premium textures

Collections from both Orme & Santalucia feature premium materials and textures. Hand-poured cement veneers and real wood panelling, the living room becomes a playground for touch.


Floating units are intrinsically modern, not only do they elevate the style of any room but the negative space that they leave actually makes a room feel bigger than it appears.

Unique furniture

With collections created by Italy’s most revered furniture designers and classically trained architects, Our Italian-made lounge furniture is one of a kind.

Smart storage

Beauty without practicality is ignorant design. Orme & Santalucia lounge furniture is intuitive, and thoughtful where storage is concerned.


Include true handleless design to your living area for exceptionally modern design. Handleless units accentuate the unit’s visual geometry through clean-cut lines.

TV units ↓

The central focal point of the room should stand out. Opt for a TV unit cum bookcase cum storage unit.

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Bookcases ↓

Fluidity, design and style make sure every item has its place, without taking up the space you need for everyday practicalities.

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& Chairs ↓

Extendible tables and fixed tables, are versatile because they can be adapted to different moments of life, from study to relaxation.

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